Our Mission

About Us

We are a group of volunteers from different sectors who are keen to contribute to our natural environment. In view of geoconservation has long been neglected in the current Hong Kong nature conservation policy while there is a general lack of knowledge on geoconservation and earth science, Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong (AGHK) was set up in 2006 aiming at promoting the importance of geoconservation. All our members are volunteers who care and love our rocks. We aspire to share the joy of nature with every Hong Kong citizen and make Hong Kong a better city.

AGHK was recognized by the Hong Kong Government as a charitable institution of a public character in 2009. An allowance is granted, for tax purposes under the Inland Revenue Ordinance, for donations of money to AGHK.  All income derived will be allocated to activities in relation to geoconservation.

Our Mission
  • To preserve the landforms and rocks of Hong Kong;
  • To disseminate scientific information of our earth;
  • To promote sustainable geotourism and eco-tourism;
  • To make Hong Kong a better place to live.
Our Beliefs
  • Landforms and rocks are of prime importance to our natural environment. Once destroyed, they are irreparable;
  • Landforms and rocks are the base of all ecosystems. To protect landforms and rocks is to conserve our habitat and ecological system;
  • Landforms and rocks in Hong Kong constitute our natural image. They belong to every Hong Kong citizen. They tie our hearts together;
  • Our precious landforms and rocks can only be conserved with public support and efforts;
  • The public has a right to know about landforms and rocks.  Through physical contact and understanding the preciousness and essence of landforms and rocks, they will ultimately care for geoconservation.
Geoconservation Protocol